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“Pico-Bop” Optimized Tiny DIY Drum Kit

$100 Budget DIY Jungle Kit

Isolation Gaskets

Nano Bop Drum Kit “Sonny & Beer”

Jungle Kit – “The Lewd Rhythm Ripper”

Six-piece Mini Drum Kit

Itsy-bitsy, Teenie-Tiny Micro Bop Drum Kit

Snare Drum “Restomization”

Jazz / Bop Drum Kit on a Budget

Cocktail Drum Kit

Fusing / Joining Drum Shells

Optimized Miniature Bop Kit

Sparkle Finish

Bass Drum Risers

Cymbal Display & Storage Rack

Closed Mini Hi-Hats

Cocktail Pedal Conversion

Snare Drum Refinish


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