Welcome to CompactDrums.com. My name is Magnus and I operate this site as a hobby-project, with substantial help from local drummers and friends. This website’s purpose is to provide as much information as possible in regards to compact and portable drum kits. My knowledge lays more on the technical side although I am working hard to improve my skills as a drummer as well. 🙂  Luckily some of the other folks helping me out are excellent drummers which means that we hopefully present information from a balanced perspective. We review products as we manage to get our hands on them. To date the reviews completed have either been on products we purchased ourselves, or managed to borrow. All reviews here are completely un-biased and un-sanctioned. I sincerely hope you find some useful information here and keep checking back. We have a long list of upcoming reviews, DIY projects, Articles and other relevant content. There is no particular order for completing new material. It is dependant on when we scrummage the necessary equipment to review, parts for DIY projects and items for other articles. We’re currently attempting to find some cracked cymbals for our upcoming cymbal-repair workshop and a 14″ floor-tom for the DIY Jazz Drum Kit.

Please feel free to use the form on this page or email address below to contact us with comments, suggestions, requests or anything else that comes to mind.

Should you wish to contribute a review or other content, please let us know. Such contributions are always welcome.

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