• Many Hi Hat bottoms make great mini-rides


  • With upgraded hardware and heads as well as a bass drum riser or cradle, some Junior-size Drum Kits can become great “mini-gig” kits


  • Need a place to keep a laptop or tablet nearby? A snare stand, especially the old style, holds it safely and conveniently


  • Isolation Gaskets for Lugs, Brackets and Mounts can be easily cut from craft foam or inner tube (Details in the DIY Mini Bop Kit)


  • For lugs with sprung lug-nuts, stuff a cotton ball in each one to control buzzing and unwanted overtones (Details in the DIY Mini Bop Kit)


  • Poplar, Basswood, mahogany and other less dense hardwood snare drums greatly benefit from a coat of sealer and clear coat on the inside


  • Stuff L-arms and posts, that insert in drum shells, with foam and cap the ends to reduce interference with the drums primary tone


  • Logos on heads and cymbals can be removed with acetone. Be careful with coated heads. Acetone may remove the coating too


  • Wax and chrome-polish isn’t just for cars, it can add lustre and sparkle to drums and hardware too


  • Preferably beeswax, but paraffin or candle wax rubbed along the bearing edge make the head contact better and glide smoother for easier tuning


  • Lightweight air-filter material is ideal for attenuating overtones in bass drums


Space & Money saving Tips & Tricks
Low cost gel pads
  • Low cost gel pads can be found at the Dollar store, in the toy section, usually in the shape of letters or cute animals



  • Use the inner rod from a Hi Hat stand along with HH clutches as a makeshift cymbal stacker


Space & Money saving Tips & Tricks
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Space & Money saving Tips & Tricks
Space & Money saving Tips & Tricks, as well as ideas to improve tone, sound and appearance. Practical Solutions
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