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Readers DIY Drum Kit Projects


Derek’s DIY Jungle Kit

Derek's DIY Jungle Kit - Readers DIY Drum Kit Projects
Derek’s DIY Jungle Kit
Derek's DIY Jungle Kit - Readers DIY Drum Kit Projects
Birds Eye Maple Wrap

Derek sent us a couple of pictures of his own DIY Jungle kit following the instructions on It’s a nice 3-piece, all wrapped up in Walopus Birds Eye Maple Wood Grain Drum Wrap. Derek loosely based his version on our $100 Budget Jungle Drum Kit. As with our version, Derek’s also originates from a CB Craigslist find.


Steve’s Rhythm Traveler Restomization

“This Rhythm Traveler kit was a cheap find on Craigslist. It sits nicely in a corner of the basement taking up little space and delivering all the rhythmic diversion that I need at the moment.

After playing around on the kit for a few months, I decided to customize it a bit to better suit my taste. The drum shells were scuffed a bit and the black lugs and black wrap were not a combination that I liked.

After stripping off all the hardware and old wrap. I decided that the bare wood shells didn’t look all that nice for staining or wood dyes.

I looked at various finish options. Some of the drum wraps available today are great looking but were a bit more than I wanted to spend. No sense paying $125 or more to rewrap a kit that only cost $200.00. After weighing looks, ease of application and cost, I decided to go with a glossy antique gold sparkle vinyl upholstery fabric material instead of a more traditional wrap. I bought my material online from I bought a two yard sheet that came on 54” wide roll and is 72” long, for $29 plus shipping. You can get by with a single yard (54” X 36” sheet) to cover a complete R-T kit. If you do this you will need to piece the bass drum wrap in two segments as you will need about a 64” long piece to wrap the 20” bass drum in one section. The material cost for this vinyl is so low that I bought extra to experiment with and may cover an old CB-700 floor tom for use with my R-T kit.

The vinyl is very easy to work with. It’s very flexible and cuts and glues easily with contact cement and looks great.

Overall I really like the look of the “new” kit. The black lugs really contrast well against the gold wrap. Total cost for complete rewrap is about $55.00 which included wrap and contact cement and assorted supplies.”

Steve's Rhythm Traveler
Steve’s Rhythm Traveler


Snare Closeup
Snare Closeup

Elaine’s Custom Snare Drum

Elaine's Rosewood Snare Drum
Elaine’s Snare
Nice Rosewood

“When the wrap on my favourite snare cracked and started falling off I decided to take the plunge and attempt my first re-wrap. Following your instructions I was successful at refinishing it using Walopus Exotic Rosewood wrap. It was much easier than I thought and now I’m looking for a project drum kit to re-wrap.”


Leo’s Compact, Portable Creations

Leo, AKA the Drum Monger makes portable, compact drum kits for drummers in California. Leo has a whole website about his creations:

Leo can be reached at if you’d like to check with him about making a custom kit for you.

Here are a couple of Leo’s most recent projects.

2 - Piece Drum Kit
2 – Piece
Nice 4-piece Drum Kit
Nice 4-piece
Readers DIY Drum Kit Projects
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Readers DIY Drum Kit Projects
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