Believe it or not, it’s getting close to that time of the year again. Luckily Musicians always need something pertaining to their art and Drummers are no exception. We’ve compiled some incredible gift ideas for the Drummer on your Christmas shopping list. Ranging from “Wow I can’t believe you got me a ……”, to “Perfect – Exactly what I needed”. We have gift ideas so big they won’t fit under the tree as well as practical, small items that can fill the empty pockets in the stocking. One of these is bound to be on your Drummer’s Wish List.


What’s on your Drummer’s Wish List?

A Compact, Portable Drum Kit

White Pearl Taye GoKit
White Pearl Taye GoKit

If that big kit is starting to feel cumbersome to transport, or just takes up too much space, it might be a good idea to add a compact, portable drum kit to the arsenal. This is not easy to do without sacrificing sound and versatility. Luckily have reviewed a plethora of drum kits in this category. We also have a complete roundup of compact and portable drum kits to help you compare and make a decision.

DIY Mini Bop Snake Skin Drum Kit
DIY Mini Bop Kit

Our own number 1 favourite Compact, Portable Drum Kit is the Taye GoKit. This was the first drum kit to ever receive a 5-star Review here on Any drummer in need of such a kit would be giddy with holiday excitement to find one of these under the tree. Available in multiple lacquer or premium wrap finishes. In stock at numerous drum retailers including

Another alternative for the handy gifter is a DIY Mini-bop or Jungle kit. This is a great way to add a personal touch and keep the budget within reason. There are multiple designs and sizes to choose from and we provide step-by-step illustrated instructions. Check our DIY Page for ideas. There is still plenty of time to complete a kick-ass self-made compact drum kit. There’s even $100 Budget DIY Jungle Drum Kit for your consideration.



GigPig 8" Hi Hats
GigPig 8″ Hi Hats

I don’t know a single drummer who couldn’t use more cymbals. Especially us drummers with a soft spot for small size drum kits are challenged with finding matching cymbals of the less sizeable variety. While Mini-Hi-Hats are somewhat abundant as seen in our Mini Hi Hats Roundup, Crashes and Rides are hard to find in smaller sizes. Even more challenging is putting together a set of small-size cymbals that are sonically matched. Luckily Swedish innovators in portable drumming; GigPig, come to the rescue with their affordable GigPig Small Cymbal Pack. Check out our review for all the details.

This might not be on the Drummer’s Wish List, but likely only due to the fact that few are aware of it’s existence.


Drum Tuning Aid

DrumDial Review
The DrumDial

Here’s something that can be squeezed in a stocking or packed up as a separate gift.A couple of different approaches are adopted in regards to Drum Tuners.Our favourites include the DrumDial and ResotuneII, both of which I use myself on a daily basis.

Review of Resotune II
Resotune II

The DrumDial, Reviewed here, is the easiest to fit into a stocking out of the two. It offers a fast, no-nonsense approach to getting drums tuned. With the DrumDial you can also document your favourite tunings and return to them at a later time. This device doesn’t actually tune based on the sound of the drum, but rather accurately measures the head’s tension at each lug. This brings the tremendous advantage that tuning can be performed even in the nosiest of environments. For example, with the DrumDial, a drummer can accurately tune the drums while the rest of the band is sound checking!

ResotuneII, featured in a separate review here, incorporates some very nifty technology. By producing notes and registering the resulting resonance returned from the drum, the ResotuneII reads a drum’s tuning with pin-point accuracy. The device is then able to guide you through the process of getting the drums tuned to absolute perfection. While a bit more labour intense, no other tuning device can provide such exact and certain perfection.


For the Jazz Cat

StudioMaple BeBop
StudioMaple BeBop

Whether your drummer is ready to upgrade his or her current Bop Kit, or has discovered the joy of jazzing it up on a nice four-piece, 18″ kit, we have a suggestion for you. Possibly one of the best values in the genre, and with stunning finishes and astounding sound quality. Look no further the the StudioMaple BeBop from Taye.

Thinner shells allow for a unique warmth and increased tuning range, while the thicker shell snare drum projects and cuts through even the most intense trumpet solo.

Numerous drummers have commented on this drum kit’s ability to project beautiful tones at a feather-light touch, while still opening up and delivering thunderous crescendos when struck with vigour.  If your Drummer’s Wish List includes a Jazz Kit, this one is sure to put a grin on their face. Compare all Bop/Jazz Kits on the market in our extensive Jazz/Bop Drum Kit Roundup.

 Drummer’s Wish List

Time for a Makeover, or some Renovations?

Sometimes a drum kit is like an old friend. Even when road-worn and in need of service, there is just no replacing it. A drummer and his or her kit have grown together and perform in symbiosis. Of course, in this case, as much as a brand-spanking new drum kit would be pleasing to the eye, there is another way.

Walopus Soft Sweet Kiss Onyx Pearl Drum Wrap
Walopus Soft Sweet Kiss

Those old lugs that no longer can be polished to a shine can be replaced with identical brand new lugs. The same goes for hoops, spurs, brackets and all the other metal parts that were once shiny but now not only look ragged, but also don’t hold the kit together the way they used to. Parts can be replaced with genuine original replacements, identical replicas or changed all together for a fresh, new appearance. One of my all-time favourite sources for parts is DrumFactoryDirect. They have a huge selection at very competitive prices and great overall service.

For a whole new look, why not give a set of drum wraps as a gift. If you’re the handy type, you could even spend the night before Christmas re-wrapping the drum kit for a real surprise. My own favourite wraps come from They have an incredible selection of unique, wacky, tasteful and traditional designs to choose from. Their prices are very reasonable to boot.


Stocking Stuffers

Luckily there are plenty of small items a drummer can use. While few drummers actually need another tuning key, there are some that are quite novel and thus still make a great gift. Drumsticks make a perfect “spine” to keep that stocking in shape. A pack of moongel is never wrong, or for a more cost effective version, use “bluetac”. (The tacky stuff used to put up posters.) Spare Tension Rods, washers and claws would likely also be appreciated, as well as new rubber feet to replace those that are worn out.

Perhaps a different style of mallet for the bass pedal, or one of those self adhesive pads that go on the contact point of the bass drum batter head would be suitable too. Of course there is also always room for more cowbell(s).

If the drummer on your list also happens to be a tinker, there are drum key bits that fit a standard screwdriver handle or electric screwdriver.

As a nice hefty weight in the bottom of the stocking, consider a bottle of cymbal cleaner.

Felts, Nylon Sleeves, Wing Nuts, T-Rod Washers, Shoelaces….  err… I mean Snare Laces are also great to fill those small cavities in the stocking.



Hardware Pack C
Hardware Pack C

If the hardware is starting to get worn, rattly or squeaky, or an upgrade is in order, there are plenty of great values in hardware packs. Because I’m a big fan of Taye’s bass pedals and hi-hat stands. I would recommend taking a look at their hardware packs. RingRingMusic carries a great selection of hardware packs at unbeatable prices. Taye’s hardware also features really slick ball-joint tilters on both cymbal stands and the snare stand.


Reading Material

Books are one of the all time favourite Christmas gifts and Drummers are no exception. Whether your giftee would be more into a book about drums, or other gear, or a book about drumming and skills development, a trip to the book store will yield results. For a gift that keeps on giving well past the holiday season, a Magazine subscription is sure to be a hit, too.


New Drum Heads

Five Pack of Heads
Five Pack of Heads

If they aren’t worn yet, they certainly will be within the foreseeable future. If there’s one thing a drummer needs it’s drum heads. Often heads get neglected and we keep on playing with the same worn out heads just because we never “get around” to procure a set of new ones. Bottom line; You can’t go wrong with a fresh, new set of heads. Available just about anywhere drums and accessories are sold.


The Ultimate Gift: A “Holy Grail” Drum Kit

The Holy Grail?
The Holy Grail?

If your drummer has been particularly good this year, (and your boss gave you a whopping bonus) it may be an idea to consider the drum kit of his or her dreams. The ultimate drum kit that fits all occasions and situations your drummer may be faced with. To aid in the process of determining the perfect, ideal drum kit for your deserving gift recipient; check out our “Quest for the Holy Grail Drum Kit” article.

Dear Santa: The Drummer's Wish List
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