Smaller Footprint & Faster Setup with PoleCat Percussion

Canadian company PoleCat Percussion takes a different approach on an age old challenge; -Reducing the amount of space taken up by the drum kit. We’ve covered products from manufacturers all over the world, sharing the same goal, to shrink the size of a drum kit. Nine out of ten approach this by making the drums smaller. This isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, here at we love small drum kits.

Shrinking Drum Kits the PoleCat Percussion Way

There’s more than one way to “skin a cat”. (What?) Recognizing that a drum kit’s footprint on stage or in the practice space is more than half made up of tripod bases, PoleCat Percussion addresses the challenge from this perspective.

As usual the best solutions are the simple ones. Consisting of a collapsible 5’4″ X 5’4″ platform and a handful of “tube-receiving” mounts, the PoleCat system makes tripod bases redundant.

Of course a positive spin-off effect is that set-up time is reduced since everything is immediately and automatically in it’s place every time.

Reducing set-up time is inherently a factor in portability. PoleCat Percussion also increases portability by reducing space. All those tripods take up room and add weight. Although this advantage is to some degree offset by the platform.

Best of all, the PoleCat system is affordable. List price is in the $100 neighbourhood and currently there is a 50% discount Promo!

Check out for all the details.

We’ll endeavour to provide a full review in the near future.


In the Manufacturer’s own Words:

“My concept is to take this and change the set up of a drum kit,” said Scott about his PoleCat Percussion System, an alternative to the traditional tri-pod base percussion stand. The set up hasn’t changed since the 1920s. For drummers to set up a kit (our) way, it simplifies the look and reduces clutter on stage.” – Tim Scott

“The PoleCat percussion system is a four-inch-wide polyurethane base comprised of fibreglass for strength with a flexible insert sleeve sitting at the centre which holds the post of a percussion stand by tightening an accompanying wing bolt. To be used, the base is screwed into a piece of plywood that the drummer would travel with.

Instead of taking the time to set up numerous percussion stands, a drummer would lay down our PoleCat platform with the PoleCat bases already attached. After the tripod legs are removed from each of their existing percussion stands the posts are simply slipped into each sleeve and inserted into the base. With a twist of a wing bolt the sleeve flexes and secures each stand.”

PoleCat Percussion
PoleCat Percussion


PoleCat Receiver
PoleCat Receiver


The PoleCat Way
The PoleCat Way




Shrink your Drum Kit with PoleCat Percussion
Article Name
Shrink your Drum Kit with PoleCat Percussion
Smaller drums isn't the only approach to a smaller footprint and increased portability. PoleCat Percussion approches these challenges from a new angle.
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