DIY Closed Mini Hi Hats
DIY Closed Mini Hi Hats
DIY Closed Mini Hi Hats With Resonance Chamber
With Resonance Chamber


A very simple project. A pair of DIY Closed Mini Hi Hats that can be mounted just about anywhere around the kit and provides a bit of amplification through the resonance chamber in the bottom bowl. This little device is capable of producing a wide range of Hi-Hat sounds by interchanging the top hat and experimenting with the top’s height. Closed tight yields a muffled click, opened just a smidge, around 2 mm allows the resonance from the bowl to escape and dramatically amplifies the tone while adding a sizzling effect. Opened up to about a quarter inch of course sounds like an open hat depending on the top, but with the added resonance of the bowl. The diameter of the top hat compared to the bowl also alters the tone. a slightly larger top will sound completely different than matching the diameter. Various bowls of different metal compositions and weight will of course also affect the overall sound and resonance.


Materials and Tools Required

Accessory Clamp for our DIY Mini Hats
Accessory Clamp
  • A metal bowl. Our example uses a rather thin stainless steel mixing bowl with a 9″ diameter rim
  • A splash or small top hat
  • A metal rod. We used a piece cut off from an actual Hi Hat stand
  • Two Hi Hat Clutches
  • A suitable clamp. We used the one pictured right
  • A drill and appropriate size bit
  • A Round file or Dremel-type tool with a conical grinding bit


Steps to assembling our DIY Closed Mini Hi Hats

  • Drill a hole in the centre of the bowl and smooth-en with the file or rotary tool
  • Install one Hi Hat clutch on the bowl and the other on your chosen top hat
  • Attach clamp to kit and rod to clamp
  • Drop down the bottom bowl on the rod and fasten
  • Drop the to hat down and fasten leaving about 1 mm between the top and the bowl rim
  • Play around with different tops and gaps between to and bottom

Simple huh?

Click the pictures for full, larger view

Centre hole drilled and smoothed
Centre hole
Required Components
Required Components
10" Splash
10″ Splash
10" Top Hat
10″ Top Hat

So far we’ve tried out the two 10″ tops pictured above and the 9″ splash pictured at the top of the page. Each one offers it’s own distinct range of voices. Have fun trying out your own combinations. If we had a bell on hand, we’d try that out as a bottom as well.


DIY Closed Mini Hi Hats
Article Name
DIY Closed Mini Hi Hats
A simple way to produce DIY Closed Mini Hi Hats that can be mounted anywhere. Low cost and quick project. Built-in amplification through resonance chamber
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